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In the name of God the Judge

Unfortunately, the terrorists carried out a terror attack on Esteghlal Street in Istanbul, Republic of Turkey, killing six people and injuring more than fifty people.

National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan strongly condemns this terrorist attack.

This event showed that terrorism as a serious threat threatens the security of the region and the world, and it should be decisively fought on a broad global platform.

As a friendly and brotherly country for the people of Afghanistan, Turkey has a special position in the region and the world. This country achieves the indicators of internal stability, prosperity, development and prosperity and plays a constructive and innovative role in international interactions for the benefit of world peace and tranquility.

The Republic of Türkiye, having a regional and global weight, a reasonable and balanced policy in international affairs, and adopting a balanced position in solving the affairs of the countries of the world, especially the Islamic world, is considered one of the big targets for its detractors.

Terrorism and extremism is an ominous phenomenon that has faced serious dangers and threats to the security and peace of the world. Currently, with the Taliban’s dominance over Afghanistan, this phenomenon has become more active in the region than before, and the Taliban’s presence and activities has been provided.

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan emphasizes that the world should not be indifferent to the supporters of terrorism and their safe havens, especially in Afghanistan, and that the threat of terrorism should be considered serious and the international community should be far from selective approaches towards its eradication. Take the necessary coordination and all-round measures

While strongly condemning the occurrence of this terrorist incident in Türkiye, the National Resistance Council for the Salvation  of Afghanistan has expressed its sympathy with the government and people of Turkey and the bereaved families who lost their loved ones in this incident. Urgent wishes.

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