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The National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan honors the memory of General Mohammad Dawood Dawood, the former commander of Pamir Police Zone 303, and General Shahjahan Nouri, the former commander of Takhar Province Police, and wants their names to be eternal.

Twelve years ago today, as a result of a conspiracy in the province of Takhar, both General Mohammad Dawood and Commander Shah Jahan were martyred and Afghanistan lost two of its selfless sons.

General Mohammad Daoud joined the ranks of the Mujahideen from a young age, fought, tried and sacrificed for years alongside the national hero of the country, martyr Ahmad Shah Massoud, and after the victory of the resistance, he first became the commander of Army Corps No. Internally and in the Pamir Zone Police Command, he made great efforts to serve the country and the people, which has left lasting memories of him.

General Shah Jahan Noori also had a graceful and describable contribution in the jihad and resistance of the country and the era of democracy.

During the twenty years of the republic in Afghanistan, serial murders took the lives of many national and patriotic personalities, and unfortunately, the perpetrators of these murders were never pursued.

While honoring the memory of Martyr General Mohammad Dawood and Martyr General Shah Jahan Noori, the National Resistance Council wants their souls to be happy and their names to live forever.

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