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روز خروج نیروهای شوروی از افغانستان

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan on 15th Feb celebrated the day of salvation, which coincides with the 35th anniversary of the withdrawal of the forces of the former Soviet Union, one of the most powerful and powerful armies in the world, from Afghanistan. The council honors all the martyrs of the country’s freedom and independence, especially the martyrs of the jihad for the right of the Afghanistan’s people.

Afghanistan, with its strategic location, is located at the intersection of the interests of the powers and has always been involved in the interventions of foreign countries throughout history, but the proud people of Afghanistan have always overcome difficulties with courage and valor, sacrifice, faith and perseverance and they have achieved victories. The victory of the mujahid people of Afghanistan and the withdrawal of the Soviet forces from the country was the end of a dark chapter and the beginning of a new chapter in the country’s history, but unfortunately the situation turned out to be the cause of internal conflicts and the growth of terrorist and extremist groups such as the Taliban in the country.

Once again this year, Afghanistan is celebrating this auspicious day as the country has been under the rule of an extremist group with a terrorist approach for nearly three years. Basic human rights have been violated in a catastrophic way, torture, purges and serial killings continue unabated. Gender, ethnic and religious exclusion policy is applied on a large scale.

The National Resistance Council hopes to save Afghanistan and in this direction will always try to continue this great and historic day to witness the day when the honor and authority of the country will return. Peace, tranquility, security, justice and democracy rule in the country.

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