National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan
Monday, 27 May , 2024
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سال روز دوستی افغانستان و ترکیه

One hundred and three years ago, on March 1, 1921, the first cooperation and alliance agreement between Afghanistan and Turkey was signed by the progressive and pioneering leaders of the two countries, and since then the relations between the two countries have been good and based on positive and constructive cooperation in various fields.

There has been cooperation in the administrative, military, economic, health and cultural fields between the two countries, and the friendly and brotherly country of Turkey has supported Afghanistan in the field of modernization and development in the past years, and in the field of education, it is a very suitable and favorite option. This cooperation has been impressive and effective, especially in the twenty years of the republican system in Afghanistan.

The National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan while commemorating the arrival of the 103rd anniversary of friendship and diplomatic relations between the two countries appreciates and honors the continuous support of the Turkish government and people to Afghanistan. The council also hopes that the friendly and brotherly country of Turkey, considering the recent developments and the deepening of the crisis in our country, will redouble its efforts through various diplomatic channels and the opportunities it has and cooperate with the people of Afghanistan to get out of the current situation.

Undoubtedly, Turkey, as one of the big countries in the region and the Islamic world, can play an important role in the current process from a political point of view, and can take part in supporting Afghan immigrants and facilitating the education of Afghan youth more than in the past. Therefore, once again, while appreciating the past support, we ask our friend and brother Turkey to prevent the process of expelling Afghan immigrants from this country in the current difficult situation. We also expect that our people will help us in reaching a legitimate, legal and committed government to Islamic and international values.

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