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بیست و دومین سالروز شهادت قهرمان ملی

In the name of Allah the most compassionate and most merciful

The 9th September, the 22nd anniversary of the martyrdom of the country’s national hero, Shahid Ahmad Shah Massoud, the legend of jihad and resistance, the pious Mujahid and the innovator of asymmetric warfare in the country, and the Martyr’s Week.

Commemorating the Martyrdom Day of the National Hero and the Martyr’s Week is a way of honoring the efforts of a nation that did not surrender to self-aggrandizement, tyranny, occupation and dependence and protected its independence and territorial integrity by mobilizing all its national capacities.

Twenty-two years ago, on the 9th September, Afghanistan lost one of its honest, selfless and devout Mujahid son due to the joint conspiracy of the regional and world intelligence organizations with the terrorist groups Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, the proud leader of the Afghan Jihad, the pillar of consolidation of the establishment. The Islamic state was considered legitimate in the country, in order to prevent the establishment of the established government based on the will of the people, the enemies of Afghanistan created the Taliban extremist group as a tactic of sabotaging the establishment of the said government and equipped and financed it with the means of learning, which is not only the process of establishment. It faced the Islamic State with obstacles, which became the biggest threat to the security of the Western world with the attacks of September 11. Unfortunately, circles in the West, especially in the United States of America, have not learned from the past and after more than two decades have passed since the terrible tragedy of September 11, once After signing the Doha agreement and imposing the Taliban on Afghanistan, they have taken the approach of interacting with terrorists and are trying to whitewash the black achievements of the Taliban, an issue that has caused disastrous consequences for Afghanistan.

The National Hero is recognized as a graceful person and a multi-dimensional personality from a national and international point of view. He is known among the people of Afghanistan and world leaders and elites as a free fighter, a humanist commander and a humble and beloved mujahid and enjoys a privileged position.

When we look at the history of the country’s honors, the eternal names such as Martyr of peace Professor Burhanuddin Rabbani, Martyr of National Unity, Martyr of Master Abdul Ali Mazari, Martyr of Master Abdul Qadir Zabihullah, Martyr of Haji Abdul Qadeer, Martyr of Abdul Mutallib Beyk, Martyr of General Abdul Razaq, Martyr of Master Sabour Farid, Martyr General Mohammad Daoud Daoud, Martyr Engineer Mohammad Omar, Martyr Ahmad Khan Samangani, Martyr Seyed Mustafa Kazemi, Martyr General Abdul Rahman Seyed Khaili, Martyr Khan Mohammad Khan and hundreds and thousands of other famous and unknown martyrs are embodied in our minds, martyrs who stand for honor and dignity. People sacrificed their lives and became models for immortality on the path of honor and pride.

It should be explained that in the opinion of the national hero and other martyrs of the country, the main axis of all the national fateful issues are the people. Our belief in the council is that the people of Afghanistan should be elected without the horizontal distribution of power and the principle of decentralized management and the creation of a democratic system that originates from the will of the people and through the holding of transparent, inclusive and standardized elections, and in the light of the law and Respecting the separation of the three forces will not be able to solve the problem of power and solve the crises of identity, legitimacy and participation.

It is regrettable to say that it was remembered that since the 22nd anniversary of the martyrdom of the national hero, unfortunately our country is facing backwardness and black and bloody tragedy in all spheres of life.

Severe restriction of fundamental rights, complete violation of women’s rights, suppression of freedom of expression, abolition of the country’s political and legal system, killing of civilians, gender, identity, cultural and linguistic apartheid, settlement of foreigners for the purpose of population change in the country, damage to the financial and economic system and The education and higher education system and the rising poverty and unemployment graphs and targeted attacks on journalists, former government officials, human rights defenders, civil society activists and political opponents are devastating consequences as a result of the usurpation of domination and the interaction of the world with one group. Irresponsible and supporter of regional and international terrorists has made the arena tight for the people of Afghanistan and turned their life into a terrible nightmare.

The usurping and illegitimate control of an extremist group with terrorist activity on the country has not only harmed Afghanistan’s relations and position in the international system, the imposition of this oppressive group on the country has created a vacuum of legitimacy and provided the ground for the growth of autocracy, political brutality and naked tyranny. has done.

This situation requires all political parties and currents, scholars, civil activists, women’s community, youth and all strata of people and elites inside and outside the country to join their ranks for the freedom of the country and the freedom of the country and resistance to destroy the usurper’s rule. Imposed on the country, should be the only priority of all of us.

While commemorating the 22nd anniversary of the martyrdom of the national hero of Afghanistan and Martyr Week, the National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan asks the international community not to be indifferent to the fate of the Afghan people and should not leave the fate of nearly 40 million people in the hands of other groups. He should be responsible who does not believe in any of the human axioms and legal and moral norms, and the continuation of his illegitimate and oppressive rule will not bring anything other than more violence, aggravation of poverty and unemployment, the continuation of cruelty and crime, and the spread of terrorist threats to the region and the world.

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