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The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan has expressed its condolences to the dear people of Afghanistan on the 28th anniversary of the martyrdom of the national martyr of unity, Ustad Abdul Ali Mazari and his loyal companions. He wishes the high spirit of Ustad Mazari, his loyal companions and all the martyrs of the path of freedom happy.

This year, we are commemorating the martyrdom anniversary of Ustad Mazari, when the killers of Ustad Mazari have usurped power in Afghanistan through a conspiracy and our dear country is in the worst and most difficult situation. The conditions of Afghanistan under the control of the Taliban group are becoming more and more fragile every day. Violence, insecurity, unemployment, poverty, fragile economy, disintegration of public affairs, ethnic, racial, religious and gender discrimination at a high level make Afghanistan and its people suffer. The prevailing situation has raised the concern and despair of the public towards the future of the country to its highest level. Today, in Afghanistan under the rule of the Taliban, people have been deprived of the basic rights of citizenship, the right to participate in determining the destiny and political management of the country, freedom of opinion and thought.

The life of Professor Mazari is a mirror of the entire painful history of the people of Afghanistan. Professor Mazari fought a lifetime for the independence of his country against the aggression of foreigners, and after the victory of Jihad against the Soviet Union, he stood up to ensure social justice, national unity, and restore the political and human rights of his people. Professor Mazari said with his high Islamic thought: “Justice was the desire of all the prophets of history and the philosophy of sending prophets is to ensure social justice.” Ustad Mazari wanted dignity and human dignity for the people of Afghanistan, so that no people and nations should be insulted and humiliated because of their ethnic and religious identity. Professor Mazari wanted to create a legitimate system based on the people’s votes based on the constitution and separation of powers.

Ustad Mazari considered women as half of the body of society and believed that women should have all civil rights like men.

Respecting the thought of Professor Mazari, the National Resistance Council emphasized on creating trust and equality between all the ethnic groups living in the country, and believes that only by securing the rights of the ethnic groups and summarizing the values around the collective interests through the participation of all in determining their political and economic destiny. It is possible in the framework of a single political government in which everyone can see themselves.

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan has once again expressed its condolences to all the justice seekers on the anniversary of the martyrdom of national unity, Ustad Abdul Ali Mazari, and honored the memory of the national unity martyr and wished freedom, security, justice, equality, prosperity and peace to the people of Afghanistan. He calls for comfort.

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