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In the name of God, truth and justice

Among the faithful men are those who are true to what Allah has promised, so among them are those who judge His love, and among them are those who wait for what they change.

Afghanistan is the land of epics and honors. A country whose brilliant history tells of thousands of stories whose approach has been seeking freedom and fighting for the realization of justice and equality. It is clear that behind all these historical events and honors of the country, there were and are free people who are considered part of the honors of our land. General Abdul Razaq was one of the famous figures of Afghanistan who we sadly lost four years ago today in a conspiracy.

General Abdul Razaq was a free, patriotic, brave and fearless person. His presence in heavy battles with terrorism and the Taliban was one of the main factors of his popularity among all the ethnic groups of Afghanistan regardless of their affiliation. He was targeted many times because of his anti-terrorist and anti-Taliban thinking and was always known as a thorn in the side of the enemies of the Afghan people.

General Raziq played an effective role in Afghanistan’s political interactions. Having a broad popular position, national thinking and justice-oriented vision, he played a valuable role in forming coalitions and electoral tactics as an influential political figure, which is evidenced by the presence of his brother General Tadin Khan in the leadership of the National Resistance Council for the Rescue of Afghanistan. It is claimed.

General Abdul Razaq was targeted and lost his life due to his anti-terrorism and extremism thinking. He reached the peak of fame and popularity on the way to fight against the Taliban and their supporters and was revered as a trans-ethnic national figure. His name is deeply connected with the rightful and anti-terrorist struggle and will remain forever in history.

The origin of General Razaq was Kandahar, a land that is a part of the historical identity of Afghanistan, and the figures of its contemporary history are also a part of our pride. The name of Kandahar, along with other characters, has a deep connection with the courage and masculinity of free people such as Mullah Naqibullah Akhund, General Khan Mohammad Mujahid and hundreds of other fighting figures.

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan, while honoring the memory of General Raziq Shahid and other martyrs of Jihad, resistance and martyrs of recent events, wants the soul of that dear martyr to be happy and his name eternal.

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