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In the name of Allah, the creator of truth, freedom and justice

The National Resistance Council, sincerely congratulates all our dear compatriots and the free and mujahid nation of the country the arrival of 8th Sawr, the 31st anniversary of the victory of the Afghan people’s jihad.

Afghanistan is a land whose history is full of various incidents, events and developments, and among them, the 8th Sawr is considered one of the most prominent, valuable and honorable events in the history of our land, that thirty-one years ago on this day, the Mujahideen, after nearly an half adecade of relentless struggle, succeeded in overthrowing the communist government and bringing the Holy Jihad to victory.

The entry of former Soviet troops into Afghanistan paved the way for the holy jihad. The first pro-liberation voices were raised from around Afghanistan and with the formation of the Islamic movement, the ranks of the pro-liberation struggle were organized and with the formation of jihadi parties, along with the tough struggle, the soft struggle also led to the victory of Jihad.

As a glorious historical event, the Afghan Jihad had many effects both domestically and internationally. What is certain is that the Afghan Jihad is the most brilliant historical event that, along with maintaining the health of Afghanistan’s geography, reflected the freedom of a nation globally and established national integration to its highest level. In the international dimension, it also caused the imprisoned nations to reach freedom and many international interactions were also changed, and in addition to that, the world acknowledged that a proud and barefoot nation with firm determination stood up against a great power and won.

Although the victory of Jihad due to many factors could not lead to the continuation of the path that was planned at the beginning of its formation and then in the foundation of the Mujahedin government, but the spirit of this historical event is very great and important.

Thirty-one years after the victory of Jihad, Afghanistan has been under the rule of a petrified group, alien to the people and the land, lacking domestic and international legitimacy and the number of their atrocities is increasing every day, besides the fact that the country does not have a government in its legal sense, that there is no security and Afghanistan has once again become a safe haven for well-known regional and global terrorists. Because of this, the security of the world is also in danger and the possibility of repeating any bitter terrorist event is imagined.

The Nationa Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan, while honoring the memory, memories and achievements of the martyrs of the Holy Jihad of the country, sincerely congratulates all the suffering and brave people of the country on the arrival of this historic day, emphasizing that the message of Jihad, national unity and unity of ranks in It was against a common enemy, today we are in a similar situation and to save the country from darkness and move it towards prosperity and build a new Afghanistan, it is necessary to mobilize all forces opposing the Taliban.

The National Resistance Council, as a big political umbrella, by announcing the plan to save the country from the crisis, drew a map of the way to save the country and made it available for further enrichment and creating harmony with other anti-Taliban movements, and it is expected to enrich it and complete a queue. Finally, let’s walk the path of liberating the country and the people from the current situation.

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