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روز استقلال افغانستان

In the name of Allah the Judge

The 28th of Asad is equal to the anniversary of the restoration of the country’s independence.

The anniversary of the return of the country’s independence has come this year when, with the rule of an extremist group of foreigners, our freedom has been questioned once again, and practically a large part of affairs are managed and led by foreigners.

The people of Afghanistan achieved independence on 28 Asad 1298, after years of striving for freedom, and hoped that a healthy governance would be formed in the shadow of independence and that the people would be able to achieve their dreams, but with the delay of many factors preventing the preservation of independence and Stability was ensured and Afghanistan was once again occupied by the former Soviet forces after the British. Due to the holy jihad of the Afghan people, the victory of the jihad was achieved once again on 8 Thor 1371 and the freedom of the country was achieved, but this time the efforts of freedom fighters were also subject to accidents. It was unfortunate.

After the fall of the Taliban group and the establishment of the republican system in 1380, freedom and democracy reigned and hope for a better future sprouted in the hearts of the Afghan people and people were optimistic in the hope of improving their living conditions. Although there were challenges in this period, progress was also made in various fields. But on 24 Asad 1400 AD, Afghanistan was once again occupied by the triangle of terrorism (Afghan Taliban, Pakistani Taliban and Al-Qaeda) and many achievements were destroyed and transformed and some of them are being lost.

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan, which considers itself obligated to guard freedom and provide justice, to create a stable and dynamic society, establish peace and security, maintain and strengthen the educational system, economic development, protection of human rights, political and social participation The preservation of cultural, ethnic and religious diversity does not spare any kind of effort.

The National Council of Resistance to Save Afghanistan considers the intervention in the internal affairs of Afghanistan, which is actually going on today, as a big mistake of the countries of the region and the world, and it is against the freedom and independence of Afghanistan. At the same time, while celebrating and celebrating the anniversary of regaining the country’s independence, this council continues its struggle based on seeking freedom, seeking justice and returning to the democratic system and the formation of the future system according to the will of the Afghan people.

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