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We congratulate the proud people of Afghanistan on the arrival of the 26th of Aquarius, the anniversary of the withdrawal of the Soviet Union army from Afghanistan, which is actually considered the victory of a nation against the heavily armed force of the superpower of the time.

The former Soviet forces, in an act of occupation in collusion with the Kabul government at that time, entered Afghanistan with a flood of soldiers and modern weapons from the ground and air and invaded our land. The territorial integrity of our land was also destroyed.

The invasion of Soviet forces on Afghanistan caused a lot of damage. Despite the fact that the atmosphere of the country became very fearful and panicked, the decision-making power was transferred from the rulers of Afghanistan to the Soviet advisers, and in this way, the right of national sovereignty was taken away and our destiny was decided by foreigners. In such a situation, the free children of the country from around and around Afghanistan started an unequal battle by forming jihad fronts, and after a decade of bloody battle, the Soviet Union was forced to accept defeat in Afghanistan and took action to withdraw its forces from our land. Kurds and their last soldier crossed the Hayratan bridge and left Afghanistan on 26 December 1989.

During a decade of presence and fighting in Afghanistan, the Soviet forces suffered heavy losses and faced political isolation at the international level, and at the domestic level, the collapse of the Soviet Union and regional developments resulted in such heavy casualties and huge financial losses.

On the other side of the issue, the Mujahideen and the people of Afghanistan also lost one and a half million martyrs, wounded and maimed in an unequal battle, and millions of immigrants, and in addition, the country’s infrastructure was destroyed and its psychological effects prevailed on our generation.

The National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan congratulated the arrival of the anniversary of the withdrawal of the Soviet Union forces from Afghanistan, which is a clear sign of the victory of our people against the ruling power of the time.

This year, we are commemorating this historic day that our land has been under the domination of a petrified and extremist group. Terrorism is not only strengthened, but international terrorists are supported and hosted. Believing in democracy, citizenship rights and restoring a peaceful atmosphere and mental peace to the citizens of the country, the National Resistance Council strives and fights for its realization and social justice.

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