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روز زبان اوزبیکی

In the name of the all-knowing and all-powerful Almighty Allah

On the 29th of Mizan, the National Day of the Uzbek language, congratulations to the speakers of this sweet language and to all the people of Afghanistan.

In addition to being one of the sweet languages, Uzbek language has an ancient history and civilization support; it also has an important place in the growth and excellence of our country’s rich culture, which is undoubtedly one of the factors of our identity-historical greatness.

Along with other official and common languages of the country, the Uzbek language has faced many ups and downs in the course of its historical development, but its strength and reliability has been flowing and has not stopped in the pulse of its brightness and maturity.

The speakers of this sweet language have played a very valuable role in terms of historical development in the fields of literature, poetry, politics, wisdom, mysticism, judgment, knowledge, philosophy, speech and other fields, which are considered a part of the glory of our history and civilizational identity. .

The speakers of this language, like other official and common languages of the country, have the right to be taught, the right to speak and write in it, and legitimate governments should take care of this matter as a national responsibility.

The National Council of Resistance to Save Afghanistan congratulates its speakers and other people of the country on the National Day of the Uzbek language, and emphasizes the consolidation of unity, empathy and mutual trust among all ethnic groups and languages of the country.

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