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The National Resistance Council, at the beginning of the new year of 1402 Hijri, wishes this glorious celebration of nature and the glorious symbol of existence to the dear people of Afghanistan, the honorable families of the martyrs, and to all the like-minded and similar nations of the historical Nowrooz civilization. And the people wish for freedom, security, peace, prosperity, unity, peace and tranquility.

It has been nearly two years since the Taliban took over power in Afghanistan as a result of a secret deal and unknown agreement, and unfortunately, during this period, they have continuously beaten the drum of monopoly, tyranny, autocracy, oppression, and dark life and blurred future. They have made the fate of the people of Afghanistan a ruler. Taliban is trying to destroy the cultural and historical values of Afghan people with open hostility and blind hatred. One of the obvious examples of this is the opposition and obstruction of the celebration of the ancient and universal celebration of Nowrooz Jamshidi Aryan and the beginning of the spring season and the rebirth of nature that God has given to mankind.

Our dear country Afghanistan has faced many challenges, sufferings and problems in the past two years. The people of Afghanistan in general and especially the former military and government employees, journalists, women and different classes of society suffer from the lack of physical and mental security. There is no such thing as economy left in the country. In these days of joy and happiness, people smell the smell of blood instead of the smell of flowers and greenery. Poverty is squeezing people’s throats, education is being destroyed. Women are deprived of their natural and human right to study and work. On the other hand, the international community has left the Afghan people alone with a group of monsters and vampires for nearly twenty months and has nothing to do with them. Despite all this, there is no clear opening in the future of the country.

Despite the mentioned concerns, the National Resistance Council for the Rescue of Afghanistan hopes that the coming year will be the year to save Afghanistan from the domination of the Taliban group, and for this reason, it proposes the slogan “The Year of the Rescue of Afghanistan” as the slogan of the year of the National Resistance Council.

At the same time, in order to get out of the deadlock and solve the problem of Afghanistan, the National Resistance Council has proposed a comprehensive plan titled “The plan to save the country from the crisis” and calls on all political parties, the international community and the countries involved in Afghanistan’s affairs to act in a practical way. The implementation of this plan should try to save the people of Afghanistan from the abyss of destruction and to restore the sense of dignity in our dear people.

To save Afghanistan, the National Council of Resistance appeals to the Almighty God for the New Year in tranquility, so that a real peace, stability, and sovereignty arise from the collective will of the people in political, social and economic life. May the path of prosperity and progress be opened for our people.




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