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The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan honors the memory of Martyr Maulana Abdul Rahman Seyedkheli on the 12th anniversary of his martyrdom, and wishes his soul peace.

Maulana Abdul Rahman Seyedkheli was a brave, determined and steadfast Mujahideen who did not spare any efforts and sacrifices on the way to achieve the ideals of his people and in the same way while serving the country and the people following a bitter suicide incident while he was serving as the Kunduz Police Commander was martyred.

Maulana Sidkheli started fighting for the country’s liberation from a young age and shone in jihad and resistance as a brave commander and servant of the people and had a great name among his contemporaries that this good reputation will live forever in the minds of the people.

After the victory of the resistance in important security positions, Maulana Seyed kheli played a significant role in securing the security of the country and the people.

Although it was clear from the very beginning that the process of serial killings in the last twenty years was aimed at clearing the field of resistance against the Taliban and returning this group to political power and Seyed Khali was one of the hundreds of commanders who acted as a barrier to prevent the return of the Taliban. It was taken out of the way by political power.

Today, the Taliban have mastered the political power in Afghanistan in a situation where in twenty years, on the one hand, they disarmed the Mujahideen forces under the name of DDR, and on the other hand, by removing the pillars of resistance and freedom, they paved the way for the return of The Taliban provided political power.

While expressing its deep sympathy on the occasion of the twelfth anniversary of the martyrdom of Maulana Abdul Rahman Seyed kheli and other famous and unknown martyrs, the National Resistance Council expresses its appreciation for the brilliant achievements of that martyr and other martyrs in the path of justice, freedom and equality, and their souls is happy and honors their memory.

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