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Nowruz is the wonder of creation and a symbol of nature’s revival. The coincidence of the spring of nature with the spring of spirituality gives a special feature to this year’s Nowruz. It is hoped that the pleasant breeze of the blessed month of Ramadan will refresh and purify hearts, and the spring of nature will guide the Nowruz opponents even more towards the wonders of the Almighty Creator’s creation and the great signs inherent in nature’s renewal, so that they may abandon their denial and ignorance towards the signs of the Almighty God, allowing people an opportunity to gift joy and hope to their families on this occasion.

For more than two years, Afghanistan has been surrendered to a violent group with a terrorist track record – an oppressive, autocratic and despotic group – as a result of the blatant betrayal of the then ruling team and the bargaining of known parties in the international system and regional powers.

As a result of this unjust deal, not only has the right to self-determination been taken away from the Afghan people, but their vital protection in their own homeland has also been threatened with destruction by the proxy soldiers of the international system’s dark games, regional powers, and terrorist networks planted in the country.

Economic collapse and a catastrophic rise in poverty and unemployment rates, increasing dependence of people’s livelihoods on international aid, and the imposition of crippling taxes on people under false pretexts are the dark consequences of surrendering the country to an irresponsible violent group, the cost of which is paid by the Afghan people.

The oppressive domination of the proxy soldiers surrounding the infamous Doha agreement has not only led to the abolition of democracy and economic collapse in the country, but also the Taliban, through killings, suppression, torture, imprisonment, and the implementation of gender, cultural, racial, identity, and religious apartheid policies, have committed crimes against humanity and inflicted irreparable damage to national unity and the national state entity, especially the education system and higher education, with catastrophic consequences.

It is for this reason that Nowruz, as a civilizational and identity phenomenon and an ancient tradition of the Afghan people and nations of the region, and one of the factors connecting the common identity of the Afghan people, a celebration that has no conflict with any religion, has faced hostility from the Taliban, and its celebration has been met with whipping, imprisonment, torture, mischief, and excommunication.

The Taliban’s exclusivism and autocracy knows no bounds; thus, with open hostility and blind hatred, they are bent on destroying all the cultural and historical values of the Afghan people. Opposition and obstruction to the celebration of the ancient Nowruz festival and the beginning of spring and nature’s rebirth, as well as the Taliban’s hostility towards the Persian language, are examples that show the depth of their enmity towards the components of culture, language, and social traditions.

With a responsible understanding of the depth of the catastrophe in the country, last year the National Resistance Council presented a comprehensive plan as a roadmap for rescuing the country from crisis and restoring a sovereignty stemming from the people’s will. Unfortunately, not only did it not receive a response from the Taliban, but due to the Taliban’s increased self-confidence as a result of the submissive approach of the parties that imposed the Doha agreement, they have intensified the volume and severity of their authoritarian violence.

In the new year, while wishing for peace, an exit from the current deadlock, and the restoration of a sovereignty rooted in the people’s will, the National Resistance Council is committed to taking all necessary measures to restore a political system arising from the people’s will and the rule of law. God willing, in the new Persian solar year, with the new and extensive programs that the Council will undertake, we will witness the end of the suffering and misery of the people, the establishment of real peace, the restoration of sovereignty stemming from the collective will of the Afghan people, and economic prosperity.

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