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نشست سازمان ملل در قطر

Based on the previous meetings of the United Nations, especially the provisions of the recent resolution of the Security Council and the new dynamics of this organization regarding the current crisis in Afghanistan, another meeting with the presence of special representatives of the countries and hosted by the United Nations is scheduled to be held in Qatar in the near future. The main focus of this meeting will be the discussion on the United Nations road map for Afghanistan and focusing on the findings and recommendations of the senior coordinator of that organization, Mr. Fraidon Senir oglu, and the appointment of a special representative to solve the Afghanistan problem.

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan, as it has clearly expressed its views before, while welcoming again the actions of the United Nations, especially the attention of that organization to prioritize the solution of the crisis and the process of providing aid to the needy people of Afghanistan, once again The following points are announced as the request of this council as the big and influential political umbrella of Afghanistan and calls for the deep attention of the countries of the world and the United Nations to these matters:

  1. Since the advance meeting of that organization is held in the center of Afghanistan, it is necessary that the objective facts and factors of the existing crises of the country should be told in that meeting from the people of Afghanistan. Therefore, the National Resistance Council, as a large and influential political umbrella that represents the majority of the people of Afghanistan, can bring the rightful voice of the people to the ears of the world. The demand of this council is that the representatives of this council should be given the opportunity to attend this meeting from the address of the political society of Afghanistan. At the same time, we believe that in addition to contributing to the presence of effective political currents in such meetings, real representatives of civil society, women activists, especially representatives of female protesters, media and human rights activists also play a positive and constructive role, and the United Nations should include everyone in the processes;
  2. Following the oppressive rule of the Taliban group, unprecedented restrictions and all kinds of tyranny were imposed on the people of Afghanistan, especially girls and women, tribes and religions, and by arresting and abducting women and girls under the false pretext of wearing hijab, removing books against the extremist ideology of the Taliban from libraries and bookstores, changing the Professionalism and extremism of educational and educational institutions, killing of officials and soldiers of the previous government, usurpation of people’s land and property, and dozens of other oppressions, the atmosphere of complete suffocation has prevailed, in such a situation, the attention of the international community on solving the current problem is inevitable more than ever before. and at the same time, the experience of the past two and a half years has shown that the continuation of the rule of the Taliban group has not only led to a complete violation of human rights, that by training and supporting more than twenty-two terrorist groups in the territory under the rule of the Taliban, especially in the northern provinces and Northeast of the country has contributed to the growth of terrorism in the region, and any attempt to bring this group to regional and international meetings leads to further strengthening of terrorism;
  3. The people of Afghanistan expect that the crisis of our country will be resolved through a comprehensive national process in which all effective political parties are present, with the facilitation and supervision of the United Nations and the cooperation of the countries of the world. The world that has unfortunately formed or is being formed should still be a priority of the countries of the world and the United Nations in order to prevent the continuation of the promotion and export of terrorism from Afghanistan and provide the basis for the return of democracy.

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